Trash & Recycling FAQ's

Have a question about your trash or recycling service in Dover? Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions reagrding trash and recycling services can be found by clicking on the questions below. If you do not find the answer here, please contact the Service Director's office at (330) 343-6725.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your trash pickup day depends on the location of your residence in the city. To find out when your trash will be picked up, call the Service Director’s office at (330) 343-6725.

Trash pickup is contracted through the city with Kimble Recycling & Disposal of Dover. If you are a new resident, or have changed location within the city, please contact the Utilities office at (330) 343-7725 to register for trash/recycling pick up.

Yes. However residents or businesses must come into the Utility Department office and fill out a form and provide a statement as to why you or your businesses cannot have Kimble Recycling & Disposal pick up your trash and recycling.

The cost for weekly trash pickup and bi-weekly recycling pickup is $13.24 per household, per month. This fee also includes normal residential pickup for items such as couches, appliances and other large trash items. For businesses that do not require a dumpster, the fee for trash/recycling pickup is $15.03 per month.

In most cases, residents may place their large appliances on the curb for normal residential trash pick up. However, if you have an appliance for pick up that has a refrigerant liquid inside, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, you must first have the liquid drained from the appliance by a licensed company. After it is drained you will be given a tag that you attach to the appliance. The appliance may then be placed on the curb for regular trash pickup. For more information, or to find a company that will drain refrigerants from your appliances, call the Service Director's Office at (330) 343-6725.

Kimble Recycling & Disposal will not pick up automobile tires, marine/automobile batteries or appliances with refrigerant liquid still inside. For the safety of Kimble Recycling & Disposal employees, large-pane glass, such as patio doors and windows, will not be accepted. The Service Director's Office at (330) 343-6725 can give you the names of companies that will accept those items and dispose or recycle the items appropriately.

Glass, plastics and paper are recycled by Kimble Recycling & Disposal. Kimble Recycling & Disposal does not require residents to separate their recyclables prior to pick up. You also can visit the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District by following this link. 

Kimble Recycling & Disposal discourages residents putting dirt, gravel and other yard waste in normal trash receptacles. In many cases, receptacles become too heavy to be lifted into the trucks.  The City General Services Department will pick up brush if placed on the curb or next to an alley. Residents must contact the Service Director's Office, General Services Department or the Mayor's Office to have waste picked up.

Residents may also utilize the Compost Collection Site during their operating hours.  Please click here for that information. Yard-Waste-Drop-off