Services & Utilities

Take a look down our side streets, bike ride through our parks, drive through one of our many historic avenues, or walk through one of our cemeteries and you will see that there is care and a sense of pride taken by the city employees to make Dover a great place to live.

With each task that the Service and Safety Department undertakes, we perform it with an underlying understanding and urgency of respect of our residents. Our goals are focused on the inception and completion of infrastructure projects, and our over 100 employees strive to provide continuous service to Dover’s residents.

We also know that we should never become complacent in our work. Each day, members of our service crews work to develop new ideas and better, more efficient ways to serve our city. Along those lines, part of our solution to better serve the people of Dover is to always be open to suggestions.

If you have any suggestions that will help us serve you better, please call the Service Department at (330) 343-6725.

David F. Douglas
City Service Director
Dover, Ohio