Planning Commission

The Dover City Planning Commission consists of seven members which includes the Mayor, the Director of Public Service and five citizens of the City who shall serve without compensation and who shall be appointed by the Mayor.  

The purpose of the Planning Commission is to review and interpret the City's land use ordinances regarding annexations, alley vacations, street vacations, developments and subdivisions plans and rezoning classification requests, as well as ordinance changes which are then presented to City Council.  The Planning Commission may also review and approve lot splits, site plans, commercial and industrial signage and right-of-way changes. 

The powers of the Dover City Planning Commission shall be those granted by Ohio R.C. 713.01 to 713.27, inclusive, and 735.15, as well as all other sections of the Ohio Revised Code and Constitution of the State of Ohio now in effect or which may hereafter be passed and effective and relating to City Planning Commissions, as well as all ordinances passed by Council relating to the City.

The Dover City Planning Commission meets the second Tuesday of each month in Dover Council Chambers at 10:00 AM, based on agenda items. Council Chambers is located at 121 East Second Street. 

If you have any questions, or if you wish to attend a meeting, you may contact the Mayor's Office at (330) 343-6726 or the Service Director's Office at (330) 343-6725.

Application for Zoning Change
Application for Zoning Change