For over 200 years the residents of Dover, Ohio understood that if the city was going to have a strong foundation, and that if we wanted to protect the dreams of growth, we had to make our highest priority our enduring goal - to protect Dover’s top asset…its people.

Great cities grow from the efforts of its people and willingness of the city officials to listen to the people’s needs, and there is no better example than in Dover.

Our local government has guaranteed its service for the people by ensuring that all facets of a working city are provided. Our city officials work tirelessly to advocate a safe place to live, provide excellent sources of education, promote healthy business growth, and supply clean and reliable utilities and services to our residents.

City employees and elected officials are proud to serve the people of this great city. It is our home, and each resident is our neighbor. We will continue to work with dedicated passion and pride to make Dover the city its residents deserve.