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Building & Zoning

The Building and Zoning Department is designed to protect the health and safety of City of Dover residents by enforcing ordinances that affect all districts within the city. The department assists during new construction as well as other building projects and situations concerning usage of property as it pertains to the designated zoning of the respective district.

Dover residents are required to apply and receive approval for any building project, including, but not limited to, new housing or commercial building starts, additions and renovations, accessory buildings (garages and sheds), swimming pools and fences.

The department attends to all matters pertaining to the city’s zoning ordinances for area and use requirements for both commercial and residential projects.

Please contact the East Central Ohio Building Authority for any commercial projects at (330) 364-3164 ext. 3; ext. 1.

All individuals who work in the trades of electrical, plumbing, HVAC and roofing are required to obtain a yearly registration to work in the City of Dover, in addition to obtaining zoning certificates for the work performed.

The Residential Code of Ohio is a statutory requirement that requires an owner who builds, alters or adds, repairs, replaces components or building equipment to do so in accordance with the provisions of the residential building code.

If you have any questions about the building and zoning regulations of the City of Dover, or you are considering a project in or around your home, call the Office of Building and Zoning Codes Administrator Jeff Beitzel at (330) 343-6740 or email at

The Building and Zoning Department is located at 116 East Third Street (Rear) along the alley adjacent to the Fire Station next to City Hall. All mail correspondence can be addressed to the following address:

City of Dover
Attn: Jeff Beitzel

110 East Third Street
Dover, Ohio 44622

East Central Ohio Building Authority
Nicholas L. Montan, Chief Building Officer/Plans Examiner

339 Oxford Street
Dover, Ohio 44622
Ph: (330) 364-3164
Fax: (330) 364-4690