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What Leaders Have to Say

"I have owned and managed businesses in Dover since 1961, and the city – as well as the county and other development agencies – have always been supportive."
Charles Deeds
Former President of Zimmer, Inc. and longtime Dover resident





"Dover is a proud city built by entrepreneurship and the successful dedication of its people. Our community and business demand quality, and by working with a focused foresight we are committed to deliver."
Mayor Rick Homrighausen
City of Dover





"The City of Dover is very progressive with the new engineering technologies. The recent Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade and the Tuscarawas Ave. Bridge replacement are two high-profile examples. It is a pleasure to be partnering with the City on these projects, and implementing technologies not previously seen in Ohio."
Zack Deems, P.E.




"Dover provides a reliable source of utility services that are critical to the operation of our hospital, every single day."
Bruce James
Union Hospital